Elatomer Pump Parts

Product Description

The pump parts can be made of high chrome, a wide variety of elastomers or the latest in ceramic materials 

for longer service life and higher efficiency.
Materials Offered:
-High Chrome Cast Iron
-Ductile Iron
-Stainless Steel
-Natural Rubber
-Specific Rubber

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High ChromeChrome content of 15%,27%,29%,30%,35%slurry pump, crusher,     coal mill and etc.
Cast andDuctile IronHT200, HT250, QT500-7, QT400-12 and so onbearing housing, base   and etc.
  Stainless Steel304, 316, 316L, CD4MCuchemical industrial    equipment spares
RubberR08,R26,R33,R55slurry pump, cyclone     and so on
PolyurethaneDifferent hardnessslurry pump, cyclone,     flotation and so on
CeramicSilicon carbide silicon nitride ceramic and  chromic oxide, aluminum oxide ceramic coatingslurry pump

Part Names:

Casting, shaft, throat bush, front liner, back liner, wear plate, case, cover, stuffing box, lantern restrictor

cover plate bolt, volute, throat bush, shaft sleeve, cover plate liner, frame plate liner ,neck ring, expeller ring,

expeller, bearing assembly, volute liner, volute packing, bowl, bearing cartridge, cover plate liner, pump impeller, Mechanical Seal,

closed pump impeller, open pump impeller

slurry pump rubber parts.jpg

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