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How to Distinguish Between Mortar Pump and Mud Pump?

Jul. 03, 2020

This was a single word difference between a Mortar pump and a Mud pump. so how to distinguish between the mortar pump and the mud pump? Heavy Duty Mud Pump Supplier introduce to you.

First of all, the mortar pump is a cantilevered single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump, which is specially designed and developed for transporting corrosive media containing fine particles. The mud pump is also a popular concept of a broad pump. Different regions, habits, involve The pump type is not the same. The mud pump is used in the drilling process to transport mud or water or other flushing fluid to the borehole. In fact, sewage pumps, mud pumps and other non-clean water pumps and mud pumps are also commonly used in terms of their names.

Performance characteristics of low abrasive slurry pump and mud pump

We can use the performance characteristics of mortar pump and mud pump as a distinction. The mortar pump is made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene lined with steel. Such a new material has strong anti-corrosion and wear-resistant functions.

Performance characteristics of mortar pump:

1. With anti-corrosion function. It can transport corrosive media, such as strong acids and bases.

2. Has a strong wear-resistant function.

3. Anti-sticking performance, it can be transported by mortar pump for high viscosity media.

Compared with mortar pumps, mud pumps do not have the advantages of mortar pumps. For example, both corrosion resistance and wear resistance are not available in mud pumps.

Performance characteristics of mud pump:

The mud pump has the same characteristics as the diaphragm pump:

1. Strong self-priming ability, it can be used for suction without installing bottom valve.

2. The operation process is very stable, and it is not easy to produce noise.

3. The flow rate of the medium is proportional to the rotation speed of the impeller, that is to say, the variable flow rate can be changed by the relevant transmission structure.

4. The discharged pressure is not related to the rotation speed, and even a low flow rate can discharge a high pressure. Mud pumps can also be classified by the number of cylinders, which can be divided into single cylinder, double cylinder, three cylinder, five cylinder and so on.

Mortar pump and mud pump conveying medium and application field.

The difference between the mortar pump and the mud pump in the medium and application fields can also be used as a difference.

Low Abrasive Slurry Pump

Low Abrasive Slurry Pump

Mud pump

Sump slurry pump is an earlier pump type, generally made of cast iron, with low wear resistance. As an important part of drilling machinery, it can only be used to transport mud or slurry containing suspended particles;

Mud pumps are mainly used in the mining industry to transport slurry containing slag, but can also be used to transport mud, but there are fewer applications. Because the overflow parts of the mud pump are more susceptible to the impact, wear, and corrosion of the slurry during the working process, the mud pump is usually lined with wear-resistant materials, such as high-chromium alloys, rubber and other highly wear-resistant materials, thereby forming wear resistance Mud pump. This can effectively reduce the internal wear of the mud pump, so most of the mud pumps currently on the market are wear-resistant mud pumps.

Mortar pump  

The mortar pumpis a kind of pump that can adapt to various working conditions. The following fields are widely used. You can check it by yourself.

1) Sulphuric acid phosphate fertilizer industry: transportation of dilute acid, mother liquor, sewage, seawater, fluorosilicic acid containing silica gel, phosphoric acid slurry, etc.

2) Non-ferrous metal smelting industry: It is especially suitable for various acid liquids, corrosive ore pulps, slurry slurries (matched with filter presses) of wet smelting of lead, zinc, gold, silver, copper, manganese, cobalt, rare earth, etc. , Sewage and other media transportation.

3) Chemical industry and other enterprises: all kinds of sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, alkaline, oil liquid or slurry positions. Various dyes and pigments production, non-metallic mineral processing and other industries.

4) Chlor-alkali industry: hydrochloric acid, liquid alkali, electrolyte, etc.

5) Water treatment industry: pure water, high-purity water, sewage (leather sewage, electroplating sewage, electronic sewage, papermaking sewage, textile sewage, food sewage, domestic sewage, pharmaceutical industry sewage, etc.).

6) Iron and steel enterprises: sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid in pickling system, and sewage with impurities.

7) Wet desulfurization circulating pump: can be applied to alkaline, acidic and corrosive positions at the same time.

8) Transportation of corrosive liquids and coal slurry in coal industry, coal chemical industry; washing and coal preparation with pump.

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